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Desk-Editing of Conference Papers
All our editing is done electronically. Papers submitted on paper are scanned onto computer disk in preparation for editing. Papers submitted on disk or by e-mail are converted to a standard conference format decided upon by the organisers and publishers.

Most authors prefer as little interference with their paper as possible and this is our approach. The paper is read carefully; misspellings are corrected; references are checked against the text and, if necessary, omissions are queried to the author, together with any other small points/inconsistencies that may have arisen in the course of reading the text.

Non-anglophone authors may need to have further language correction made to their paper with the aim of making their finished paper indistinguishable from that of a native English speaker. Proofs are sent to the organisers and the authors. When these are returned and corrections are made, the final draft of the camera-ready copy is produced. This approach ensures that all papers are subjected to the same rigorous editorial process. The result is a high-quality, uniform publication which reflects well on the conference organisers and publishers alike.