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Scientific Editorial Services.
The Importance of a Good-Looking Report.

As a scientist or researcher you may publish a significant proportion of your work in report format rather than as scientific papers. Your scientific reputation may depend largely on the quality of your reports. Many organisations do not have professional editorial staff in-house and the technical author is usually also responsible for the overall editorial appearance. The technical quality may be of the highest order but the presentation, grammar, spelling and overall consistency of appearance can play a vital role in determining the impact of your organisation's scientific output.

Mayo Editorial Services can help in this area with our technical editorial service. We have worked regularly for some of the world's largest editorial houses, e.g. Reed Elsevier. We understand the requirements of the top scientific publishers.

We can bring this expertise to your technical reports at a very reasonable cost. Our charges are quoted in advance with a delivery deadline. The exact price will obviously depend on the condition of the manuscript and the nature of the material. You may e-mail a section of your manuscript to us for a quotation. We can provide a variety of output formats including MS Word, as well as PDF, postscript and HTML for the Web.

Grant Applications.

The chances of obtaining a research grant are definitely increased by improving the presentation of the project's proposal document. Many applications are prepared in haste and minor details may be overlooked. As with reports, the grammar, spelling, page numbering, internal consistency, properly labelled diagrams and tables are all important in determining what impact the document will have. These aspects play an important role in deciding whether a particular project receives funding. Again non-native English speaking scientists are at a particular disadvantage - it takes longer to prepare an application and language errors may slip through unnoticed.

Mayo Editorial Electronic Publishing Services can provide a rapid turnaround of your grant application document by e-mail. We will quote a per-page charge and a delivery time if you send us a representative sample of the document.

Pre-Submission Service for Scientific Papers.

Many papers are rejected because of lack of attention to the details such as language and grammar, spelling, reference formatting and checking, consistency of units, format of tables, etc. By distracting the reviewer or referee from the main content of the paper a paper may be rejected for publication. This type of problem is particularly important for non-native English speaking authors.

Mayo Editorial Services will take your manuscript before you submit it and ensure that it meets the required journal standards. We will 'desk-edit' the manuscript - carrying out a standard grammar and spelling check - ensure that references match the journal's required format - check for consistency of units and format of tables, etc. Our pre-submission editorial service can take care of this aspect of your papers and allow you - and the reviewing referees - to concentrate on the technical merits of your paper. It will also save you considerable amounts of valuable time in the final stages of preparing a paper for publication. Allow us to quote you for this service.