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Editorial Services for Authors
who are not Native English Speakers
One of Mayo Editorial's most popular services is the pre-editing of manuscripts for authors before submission for publication in academic journals or in any publication where English accuracy is important. Preparing technical papers for English language journals can be quite difficult for authors who are not native English speakers. This puts an additional burden on the author of, for example, a scientific or medical paper.

To avail of this service simply e-mail your manuscript to us and let us pre-edit it for you before you submit it for publication or upload it to a web site. We will edit your paper for language and style. We will check language, grammar and spelling with the aim of making the final manuscript indistinguishable from that of a native English speaker. In addition, we check the format of references, consistency of units and terms and will ensure that the manuscript conforms to journal style where style sheets are available.

Preparation of camera ready copy for conference proceedings is a particular problem because your original manuscript will be used as it stands in the final volume - even minor grammatical errors can detract from the impact of the final paper. Our service eliminates these problems completely and allows you to concentrate on the content of your manuscript or paper.

We routinely provide services to the world's largest scientific publishing groups so we are familiar with the requirements of science publishers. By using our pre-edit services you can improve your chances of being published and shorten the lead time to publication by minimising the number of author queries from the scientific editors and the publishers.

Let us quote you. Simply email your manuscript as an attachment and we will quote you for editing it. You will find our service to be very good value especially if your manuscript is quickly accepted by the referees for journal publication. We accept cheques in all major currencies as well as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

All manuscripts are dealt with in strictest confidence. We provide a very rapid turn-around of manuscripts by e-mail. We can provide a final manuscript which consistently uses either US or English spelling and usage - depending on your choice and the requirements of the journal to which you are submitting the paper.

See our home page for further details of all our services.