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A Safety Net for Non-English Speakers
Many scientists who do not speak English as their native tongue feel at a disadvantage when they are required to submit their own camera-ready copy on those dreaded 'blue sheets'. The technical content may be of the highest quality but it may suffer due to minor grammatical or spelling mistakes. Our system still allows conference organisers to request camera-ready copy but it also provides a safety net for non-anglophone authors and others by reformatting all documents and editing to a uniform standard throughout.

This approach also avoids the unevenness of quality so common when conference proceedings are produced strictly from authors' camera-ready copy. Everyone is familiar with proceedings volumes printed in a range of typefaces from dot matrix to high-quality laser printer, failure to use consistent units throughout, varying formats for table headings, etc. Rarely do all the contributors stick to the stated style guidelines in their manuscripts.

Mayo Editorial's uniform approach helps to avoid the frequent dissatisfaction experienced by authors and readers alike in these circumstances.

See also our Editorial Services for authors who are not native English speakers.