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Pre-Editing Services
In the case of a conference whose organisers have a long-term arrangement with a publisher, we can provide a range of pre-edit services.

Mayo Editorial can pre-format documents arriving on disk or by e-mail to ensure that they all conform to the pre-determined format before they are sent to the publisher for desk-editing. Thus, when authors do not follow editorial directions to submit on disk or they do not use the specified word-processor format we can provide a checking and conversion service to ensure a uniform final product for the publisher.

Similarly, our author liaison service will ensure that a much higher proportion of authors submit their manuscripts by the deadline. If necessary, we will provide ongoing gentle persuasion and reminders to authors who have not submitted manuscripts by the deadline. While editing manuscripts, we also prepare detailed author queries and transmit them to the authors. These include the fine detail of manuscripts such as incomplete or missing references. Scientific details which appear to require further clarification will also be referred to the author in a standard author query sheet by e-mail where possible.

Significant Advantages

Even where a well-established relationship exists between the conference organisers and a major publisher there may be significant savings and advantages in using Mayo Editorial. By using our desk-editing service in advance of submission to the normal publisher of the conference proceedings it may be possible to make considerable savings on the overall cost. Our services are widely used by many of the largest scientific publishers and the quality of our work is very highly regarded. Because of lower overheads, we can provide a cheaper product at the desk-editing stage than many of the large publishers.