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Editorial Services for Translation Agencies.
As a translation agency translating documents into English you may sometimes have the worry that your final product is not as accurate or as colloquial as it should be. Everyone is familiar with the manual or instruction leaflet which has an extremely funny 'blooper' or unintended meaning built into what is apparently a completely correct English sentence. English can be an extremely ambiguous language at times. For those translation agencies who do not have the benefit of native English speaking staff this type of problem can cause difficulties. With technical documents this can be even more of a problem, as many translators do not have a technical or scientific background.

Mayo Editorial Services provides a service specifically with these types of problem in mind. We take your documents which have already been translated into English and check them for the more subtle usage problems which may have escaped the initial translator. This service can provide your translating agency with an extremely valuable quality assurance programme which would be impossible without actually employing full-time native English speakers.

As part of this service we return documents with the corrections or revisions clearly marked (e.g. using the revisions option of MS Word). This will allow your staff to improve their technical English especially if you have repeat business from a number of clients requiring translation of documents with a particular vocabulary and recurring phrases. Our charges for this service are quite similar to those for our standard editorial services. Contact us for details of turnaround times and prices.